The end of ransomware is coming!

Effective protection against newest ransomware

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is the one of the most dangerous and fastest growing kind of malware from the last 2 years. Compared to the last year, frequency of ransomware attacks increased to 600%. According to statistics from 2016, ransomware payments could reach $1 Billion only in the United States. Every month, the rate of reported ransomware infections fluctuated 35,000 - 60,000. Statistics show that, every hour the one company is hit by ransomware.

Ransomware Prevention

Our product called Ransomware Shield has complex and multi-layer ransomware protection engine based on real-time behavior analyzing. These solutions cause our product effectively prevent attacks of unknown and newest 0-day ransomwares. Click "Read more" button to learn more about Ransomware Shield and its features. Read more...

Antivirus Protection is not enough against ransomware threats


Ransomware prevention

New generation two layered anti-ransomware protection engine based on behavior analyzing cause ransomwares are completely helpless. Our detection engine have been tested by over 1000 different types of ransomware and detection level reached 100,00%. Every day our engine is tested by newest 0-day ransomwares to secure your data in 100,00%.

Data Protection

Your data can be fully backuped in few minutes, the size of your data for backup doesn't matter. As the only few on the market we have implemented backup engine based on snapshots. It guarantee to make full backup of your data in few minutes and occupying very small size on your hard disk.

Windows Restore Points Protection

It's one of the prime targets of ransomware. As only one on the market we have feature which effectively protect your restore points from deleting / modifying by malware and unauthorized access.

Customize our product for your needs

We are one of the very few on the market to produce new and individual features for our clients. If you want some additional features in our product, we will make it for you! Only thing you have to do is send us an email with a details of your feature idea. We will get to know with your feature details and contact with you!