Why AntiVirus is not enough to stop ransomware?

Most people think that AntiVirus protection will effectively protects them against ransomware. That's not entirely true. The main Antivirus engines are based on signature threat detection, this means that every newest reported threat must be analyzed and added to the signature database and then updated to your computer. This process takes at least from few to serveral hours (for secondary anti-virus products it can takes even a day). Summarizing, there is a high probability that your AntiVirus will not protect you against new ransomware threats in the next few or even several hours.
There are many examples of ransomware threats which infected tens of thousands computers, just in few hours like WannaCry or EternalPetya - both examples are from 2017 year.

WannaCry ransomware - In just 48 hours, this ransomware impacts over 10,000 organizations and 180,000 computers in over 150 countries.
Petya ransomware - In just 72 hours, this ransomware impacts over 320,000 systems and servers worldwide.

How Ransomware Shield preventing ransomware attacks?

Ransomware Shield works completely differently than AntiVirus. Our detection engine have two basic layers of protection.

1. Anti-Ransomware
The first layer is based on Real-Time Application Behavior Analyzing and it's completly signatureless. This means that our anti-ransomware engine analyzing every operation executed on your files. If any threat will start to damage your files, it will be detected and permanently removed from your computer.

2. File-snapshot Protection
This is a second layer of protection. File-snapshot Protection is responsible for protecting your original files by creating a real-time snapshot for every file which is infected by ransomware. This means that File-snapshot Protection fully prevent permanent damage to your files. After the ransomware will be detected, all of your infected files will be restored.

This multi-layered anti-ransomware engine makes ransomware threats completly powerless.
You can read more about Ransomware Shield protection and features or check our ransomware prevention videos.