Main Features

Real-Time Ransomware Protection

The new generation anti-ransomware engine will protect your data from the newest zero-day ransomware. The threat detection is performed though analyzing behavior of the software what makes Ransomware Shield the very efficient anti-ransomware software of this kind. Every day, we are testing newest ransomwares on our detection engine and they are effectively blocked. You can check our effectiveness against 0-day ransomwares on our YouTube channel .

Real-Time Files Protection

It is a second layer protection for your files. The files damages caused by ransomware are monitored, so all of destroyed files can be repaired anytime. Files Protection solution makes there is no opportunity for ransomware to permanently damage your files.

Real-Time Network Shared Resources Protection

The anti-ransomware engine effectively preventing damages to shared resources. Shared Resources are protected from local and remote(from other computer) ransomware attacks.


It is the basis of protection from ransomware. Our backups engine let you make full copy of your data in a surprisingly short time. All created backups are highly protected from deleting or modifications. As the only anti-ransomware product on the market, our backups engine lets you schedule and make full data copy in few minutes regardless of the size of your hard disk (HDD / SSD). All of backups are created locally and you don't need to use external devices.

Windows Restore Points Protection

Windows Restore points are one of the prime targets of ransomware. As the only anti-ransomware product on the market, we have a solutions that protect your restore points from removing or damaging by ransomware.

Screen-Locker Protection

ScreenLockers are the type of ransomware that lock your screen demanding ransom for its unlock. Our combined screen-locker protection effectively block such malicious software. Additionally, you can easily unlock your screen by specified key combination.


You need to just install our Software on your machine. All of settings are recommended and it's not necessary to change any settings after installation.


Minimum supported client / server: Windows Vista / Server 2008
Maximum supported client / server: Windows 10 / Server 2016


Ransomware Shield is compatible with most popular Antivirus Softwares. If you have any issues with AntiVirus, report it here.
Our support will contact you in 48 hours.