Ransomware Shield

Ransomware Shield is a software which puts security and your and your company’s data protection first.

Protection against ransomware

Advanced technique of ransomware virus detection will let you sleep soundly. Our software, in contrary to most tools of this type does not use the virus signature database but analyzes each operation executed on your data in real time, which makes our product faultless in detecting such malware. Due to advanced technique of filtering operations on the hard disk, after detecting a virus, all corrupt or encrypted files are restored with just one click.

Our software also takes care of protecting from accessing your hard disk - it efficiently blocks attempts to overwrite such important disk sectors as boot sector (MBR) or substantial information about your files on the disk (MFT). Our tool has been tested on hundreds of ransomware-type threats and its efficiency in eliminating these threats reached 100%.


One of the most important features of our software is creating full backups of your data on the hard disk. Such backups are created very quickly even if the disk contains a few terabytes of data, and their farther advantage is a small size. You can individually adjust the frequency of creating backups in accordance to the schedule of your work. Due to non-standard security systems, there is no need to be afraid of losing one’s backups through malware or user’s failure.

Read only volumes

If you wish to protect the projects you are working on against accidental modification or an attack, you can create a read only volume and move selected files there.


Exceptions are a perfect solution to keep the full efficiency of your work environment, such as complier, graphical or virtualization environments, rendering and film processing environments, and other environments requiring a great deal of your computer resources. Exceptions let the selected software attain maximum performance providing appropriate protection.

Compatibile with

    Microsoft Windows:

    - Minimum version (client): Windows Vista

    - Minimum version (server): Windows Server 2008